Your Global Logistics Partner SAMCHUN 

With Over 40 Years Of Experience And Network, We Are A Tailor-Made Logistics Company To Meet The Diverse Needs Of Our Customers In A Rapidly Changing Global Economy.

Since its inception in 1978, our company has grown into a competitive global logistics company based on its experience and network of over 40 years of logistics services. Our well-trained and high-quality staff are aiming for the best in customer satisfaction services, and we are committed to our customers’ valuable shipments until they reach their final destination, and have successfully performed all kinds of transportation services to any location in the world as a global logistics company. Thanks to all of you who have been giving us a generous interest and encouragement, in a fast-paced global economy, Samchun Logistics is committed to helping you meet the needs of our top-quality and customized logistics companies and to reward your support.

CEO       Jaehoon CHANG