Road Transport

SAMCHUN Land Transport Services Provided Based On The Know-How Of Total Logistics Experience

Samchun Logistics has 40 years of experience in shipping and segmentation to provide bonded transportation services to Busan Port and Gimhae Airport by providing a variety of services such as customs clearance and warehousing, and is committed to the convenience of our customers. We provide all inland transportation services related to sea and air import and export shipments and, based on years of logistics experience and know-how, we are building a nationwide transportation network in conjunction with a number of specialty carriers. With accurate and reasonable shipping plans based on the cargo dimention, such as general freight forwarding, special cargo transportation, bonded cargo transportation, and container transportation, we provide fast and secure connection to major ports and airports with sophisticated service and precise plans.

Domestic Land Transport And Multiple Transport Services

– Inland transportation services for sea and air import and export shipments
– General cargo, special cargo, bonded cargo, container-related inland transportation Service
– Multi-cargo transportation Service

Container Shipping

The various types and conditions of cargo can be identified and shipped with a generic container, including special containers (F/R, O/T, reefer) services, and we will ship quickly and accurately to the destination you’ve requested.

Freight (LCL Cargo) Shipping

We always have the equipment and personnel needed for a variety of general shipments, and we are transporting the cost of LCL freight in a systematic way, with the know-how of operating time/distance/hassle.

Transportation Of Special Cargo (BULK, PROJECT)

Specializations such as over SIZE, BULK, PROJECT, dangous Cargo, refrigeration/refrigeration cargo, and other services are fully co-located in the shipping and delivery process through pre-business consultations with the ship and the airline. Staff who have trained professional training in the inland transport are directly in the field to ensure the safety of cargo and to avoid unnecessary expenses.

Rail Transportation

According to the characteristics of the cargo, the railway is aligned with the way of transportation, such as Busan, the action source, the King of the railways CY and ICD work partnership.