SAMCHUN Sea Freight Services Providing The Best Service

Samchun Logistics provides faster and more economical air forwarding services through the Global network, and has a close relationship with the airline to ensure price competitiveness. In order to meet the needs of our customers in a rapidly changing world market time, space and cost, we will provide satisfactory service with a rich service experience from large enterprises to personal cargo.


We are a customer-focused company that works with some of the world’s leading companies to provide the best services, collaborate and cooperate, and do our best to meet the needs of more stable, faster and more accurate. The ONE-STOP system provides the best logistics services, from fast and accurate business processing and the latest container ship, to shipping, sea freight, warehousing, customs and land transportation to your precious cargo.


Customers ‘ shipments are classified into 20 ′ containers and 40 ′containers and transported safely to their final destination, and we will be more concerned about the various services required for sea transportation and all of the conditions related to import and export.

 Maritime Transport And Multiple Transport Services (FCL, LCL, BULK Cargo)

– Project Freight forwarding services (factory relocation equipment, heavy water, bow cargo, etc.)

– Special Cargo transportation Services (special equipment, dangerous goods, TANK CONTAINER, exhibition cargo, etc.)

– Sea & Air service, Sea & Road Service


– We offer reasonable service and fares through agreements with the world’s leading companies.

– We will use a container that fits the specifications of the cargo to be shipped.

– We work with CFS on a per-terminal basis to provide container input and extraction for the characteristics of the cargo.

 LCL Cargo (Small Cargo) – LESS Than CONTAINER SERVICE

– Any port will find your desired schedule.
– We offer affordable fares that are not comparable anywhere.
– We guarantee the stability of the consolidated cargo operation.
– Coordinate work with multiple consoles and CFS.