Air Service

SAMCHUN air freight transport service providising quick and accurate air service.   DOOR TO DOOR 

Samchun Logistics provides faster and more cost-effective air forwarding services through the Global network, and is able to achieve a price competitiveness through close relationships with major airlines based on an efficient and resilient service delivery system. In order to meet the needs of our customers in the rapidly changing world market time, space and cost, we provide satisfactory service with a rich service experience from large enterprises to personal cargo.


We strive to provide fast and accurate transportation services at the core of our fleet, as well as customized solutions that optimize the characteristics of our customers and their requirements. With total knowledge and experience, Samchun Enterprise provides the best tailor-made logistics services including air export, air import, multiple transportation, customs clearance and storage. We are pleased to offer our customers the urgent and time-sensitive cargo, high-priced cargo, and professional international air transport. When you request a shipment, you will find the space and capacity you need, including your console, regardless of the size, weight and destination of your shipment.

Air Transport And Multiple Transport Services (Door-To-Door, Express, Consolidation)

– Project Freight forwarding services (factory relocation equipment, heavy water, etc.)

– Special Cargo transportation Services (special equipment, dangerous goods (DG cargo), art (ATA), etc.)

– Air & Sea Forwarding service, Air & Road Transportation Service

 The Strength Of Air Transportation Services By SAMCHUN COMPANY

– Secure freight space for all year round with strategic alliances with major airlines
– Offers cost-effective Services, competitive fares and transit Time
– Provide the best tailor-made logistics service through a specialized workforce with accumulated know-how